Unrolling Production

Gathering feed stock, compounding, extruding, distributing, designing, building…

UHCS a future
for construction

UHCS is designed to be easily industrially produced at a large-scale, through extrusion or 3D printer. EX: 6 dedicated extrusion lines are able to yearly produce enough profiles to build with the standard system 450 000 m2 or with the light system 700 000m2. The UHCS construction systems are composed of only 5 main profiles that assemble as in a Lego game, to form together the walls, floors, ceilings, organized in a cubic structural standard that is suitable for an infinity of diverse connections also adaptable to local architectural cultural traditions.

Licences in progress

  • Switerland
  • Türkiye
  • India
  • Chile

Well in line with its sustainable values, UHCS favors the local economy, local collection, local jobs, local recycling of local feed stocks, local production for local housing, to satisfy local needs of the local market and cycle. Therefore, the unrolling of the UHCS construction system is foreseen to be a licensing model towards local partners or partnerships, who would in addition benefit from the technical assistance of UHCS multinational suppliers, who also bare interest in helping them to establish as local licensees.

The assessement of licenses would be accordingly to the capacities of the local production unit or units, also sized accordingly to meet the progressiveness of demand from local markets.

A production Chain of Value